Pool & Spa Configurator Case Study

Pool & Spa Configurator Case Study


 A New York based Pool and Spa distributor needed an online solution for its customers to be able to create and configure custom pool configurations. The current process involves manual information gathering through phone or email and creation of custom configuration using a CAD diagram.

This traditional method involved a turnaround time of more than a week for each request and errors and difficulties during communication and processing of the request. The company wanted a smart and efficient tool which will allow its users to create these custom configurations online and download CAD diagrams for pools.


 eJeeva proposed a turkey solution for loading all the data into the database, Setting up a web-based Product Information Management system  and development of a product configuration system using eJeeva Configure

The online product configurator allows users to register and login. They will be guided through a step by step process from choosing the required pool shape and size to adding additional features such as Steps, Benches and Skimmers.

After the required configuration for the pool is developed, the project can be saved and an auto generated CAD diagram is available for download. The CAD diagram contains the different views of the pool along with the Bill Materials required.


By the use of this self-service portal, the users no longer need to contact the company for their custom pool configuration requirements. The company has a ready to use online system which enhances their quality of delivery and reduces cost and time for creating pool configurations.