Design Services

At eJeeva, we start with the process usually ignored by other creative agencies. We start with a set of questions. E.g. Who are your target customers? Who are your top competitors? What problem does your company solve? Why customers should choose you? It’s only after completely understanding these facts we lay out a strategic plan. This exercise helps us in creating the custom website design that has the right ingredients. Your website is crafted with a goal to compel and inspire the target audience to engage. Our professional web design service, is that one right step in establishing a compelling brand presence. We create custom websites that accommodate the essential elements required to make your business more appealing and engaging. We thrive to create the perfect user experience.

Why Choose eJeeva


We make engaging, smart websites that draw customers in and create memorable interactions – all with a focus on making you money.


eJeeva sites are SEO-friendly, and designed to drive serious traffic to your business. Each package comes with in-depth analytics to help you spot crucial money-making opportunities.


At the start of each project, eJeeva assigns a professional web developer and designer to your project who will be in touch with you during the entire process incorporating your feedback in the various stages of design and development. With eJeeva you don’t just get a completed design we will ensure your project goes live with provide the necessary support during and after the development process.