Technology has dramatically impacted the way manufacturers are doing business today. Faced with time sensitive and cost conscious consumers – manufacturers need to modernize or face extinction.

Plain and simple: Consumers are looking for a quick and easy order process with the ability to purchase products online and through mobile applications. The key for manufacturers is to facilitate the shopping process – while taking advantage of the latest technology trends.

eJeeva understands the key challenges manufacturers are facing today:

  • Entering order information manually into the ERP system
  • Labor-intensive process to update website content
  • Outdated pricing, payment, and inventory data
  • Slow-moving customer order process

For the select group of manufacturers that have leveraged tools like eCommerce, Catalog Management and Product Configuration – the benefits have been clear and abundant. They have realized lower administrative costs, increased sales and improved brand loyalty. eJeeva has also helped them target end-users with custom promotions and open new dealer channels to expand their customer pool.