The saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” has been used by many brick and mortar distributors to resist the implementation of new technologies. Unfortunately, coupled by the economic downturn and cost-conscious consumers, wholesale distributors are facing a tough choice: modernize their infrastructure or face getting beat out by competitors. Faced with dealer websites that fail to showcase new products and promotions, distributors have been losing market share with online retailers. More importantly, the dealer website aren’t tied to the distributor product database – so inventory, pricing and other data isn’t updated.

eJeeva works with wholesale distributors to alleviate these issues. Our solutions help distributors increase sales by reaching consumers online and through mobile applications, improve customer loyalty with speedy purchase options, and strong data integration with ERP, CRM, accounting and other business systems.

By leveraging eJeeva’s solutions, distributors will be able to:

  • Create customized dealer storefronts tied to their fulfillment center
  • Achieve real-time inventory management and pricing updates
  • Incorporate complete customer & order management functionality
  • Set up a secure, hosted and maintained eCommerce platform