B2B-B2C Commerce

Our Approach

Today’s consumers rely less on channels and more on a variety of interconnected “touch points”—that include the website, mobile apps, social media and offline channels. But success in this area isn’t defined simply by having a presence in multiple channels—it’s about delivering a single, consistently superior experience across all of them.

eJeeva’s B2B and B2C Commerce solutions are designed to make product information available instantly and accurately. Our custom B2B and B2C websites provide the ‘exact’ data demanded by their customers. This allows businesses to promote lesser known brands to a mass audience of customers that are more affluent and ready to buy.

Our Solution

eJeeva offers manufacturers and distributors a B2B and B2C commerce platform that provides the scalability, flexibility and features for continued business growth. Its feature-rich eCommerce platforms offer complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of the online channel.

To ensure all of your systems are running uniformly, we’ve designed our B2B and B2C commerce solution to integrate with your ERP system, CRM software and your corporate website to provide fast and easy access for your customers. Clients can rest assured that product inventory, pricing and order management is completely automated and accurate.

Clients have also seen immediate improvements in their customer management process, tax and shipping functions, marketing promotions and even search engine optimization.

Your Benefits

With eJeeva’s B2B and B2C commerce solutions, clients will be able to integrate print, mobile, online, customer service, and bricks-and-mortar stores for a complete ‘multichannel’ experience. Customers will be able to centralize their marketing campaigns to streamline operations—while ensuring quality and consistency in their processes.

That’s not all, with eJeeva B2B and B2C Commerce, businesses can stay ahead of the competition by:

  • Delivering an optimized, personalized message across all channels
  • Enhancing catalog/product information management on the fly
  • Easily importing and exporting options for product information
  • Gaining access to analytics and reporting tools for improved decision making
  • Utilizing faceted navigation capabilities for improved product browsing
  • Running enhanced search capabilities with drill down filters
  • Deploying product comparison functionality to let customers make better decisions