Mobile Commerce

Our Approach

eJeeva has helped organizations — big and small — compete head-on with retailers by showcasing new products and promotions over mobile applications.

Why is a strong mobile presence vital for success?

For manufacturers and distributors worldwide, mobile commerce is no longer a luxury they can live without. Today, over 50% of adults in the United States own smart phones — while over another 25% have tablets.

What’s important is that close to half the traffic generated by eCommerce websites is through mobile applications. Manufacturers and distributors that fail to reach this mass audience will miss out in billions of dollars in revenue.

Our Solution

Successful “brick and mortar” businesses are increasingly utilizing mobile commerce solutions to reach new customers and improve customer experience. eJeeva’s Mobile Commerce solutions enables consumers to shop and compare products, view inventory and pricing details, and track order status from any mobile application.

Our team develops a comprehensive mobile commerce strategy that covers a robust and integrated eCommerce website with app development solutions. In addition, our mobile technology allows you to automatically detect mobile browsers to show the mobile friendly version of your website.

eJeeva Mobile Commerce Features

Your Benefits

The benefits of going mobile in today’s competitive landscape are endless. Consumers worldwide are increasingly fulfilling their shopping needs through mobile applications — smartphones and tablets.

eJeeva’s Mobile Commerce solutions offer:

  • An online storefront accessible from any mobile device
  • Integration with your back-end ERP, CRM and product catalogs
  • Real-time product availability and pricing
  • User profile management to offer customized pricing and promotions
  • Multiple check-out capabilities
  • Easy product comparison and product review access
  • User-friendly search and results display
  • Drag and drop functionality for faster check-out
  • Support for iPhone, Android and Mobile Opera browsers