Catalog Management

Our Approach

eJeeva’s catalog management software provides clients with a powerful web-based tool to help them meet their B2B sales and marketing challenges. Despite the wide-spread use of the Internet, print catalogs are still one of the leading methods of communicating with customers by manufacturers.

Why is this function critical to a business’ success?

The challenge organizations face is that every time a catalog needs to be created—it involves the work of numerous designers to lay out the pages, create and add product information, proof read, and lastly, package it for printing.

As you can imagine, the number of manual steps and myriad of nuances involved in producing a print catalog can assume an abundance of time and resources. To combat this, eJeeva has spent years to develop a product catalog management solution that automates the print catalog product process to enable customers to become more efficient and generate more business.

Our Solution

eJeeva’s catalog management software gives you the ability to create the right workflow between your merchandisers, content authors, catalog managers and creative artists. The result is faster print and web catalog publishing with improved content accuracy.

The web catalog management software works hand-in-hand with our Product Information Management solution, eJeeva Central. They integrate seamlessly: The PIM software allows you to store and manage product information in a collaborative way, while the catalog management piece extracts the product information to create custom catalogs, brochures, price lists, technical documents, user manuals and more in a matter of minutes.

With eJeeva, clients don’t have to work with a new catalog design tool. The software integrates with Adobe InDesign and MS Publisher and has a fully functional drag and drop interface for designing custom layouts. All of the fonts, colors and other styles are controlled centrally. You’ll also be able to update information from any database to keep product details constant and reduce manual data entry.

Your Benefits

From improved customer retention to better control over your online channel, eJeeva can help your organization become more efficient and competitive. By leveraging our cost-effective online catalog management software, your organization can immediately benefit from:

  • Catalog creation made easy through use of online templates
  • Setup styles and formatting for automation
  • Ability to create and store multiple layouts
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop or pageflow for catalog creation
  • True integration for creating custom catalogs over the web
  • Custom catalogs options for end users or website administrators
  • Improved functionality for your dealers to add their own logo/company name when creating custom catalogs