Catalog Management Case Study

Catalog Management Case Study

Sinop CB is a leading manufacturer and supplier based in Norway. With different markets to serve and a wide array of products and components, the company needed to modernize its catalog management process to compete with emerging European suppliers.

Sinop CB had product content – in the form of print catalogs, brochures, price sheets, Word docs – stored in several disparate systems. The result was a time-intensive and paper-based process to update and disseminate product content within the organization, which consumed extensive hours of staff time and resources.

After evaluating several global catalog software solutions, Sinop CB determined that eJeeva Central was the optimal choice for its needs. eJeeva’s robust catalog management solution helps Sinop CB seamlessly create custom catalogs, brochures, price lists, technical documents and user manuals in a matter of minutes.

Sinop CB is also able to create a custom workflow between its merchandisers, catalog managers, and creative teams – resulting in faster print and web catalog publishing with better content accuracy.

Sinop CB was able to easily create custom layouts for its product materials with drag and drop functionality.

The entire process was automated as Sinop CB’s SKU-based product information was stored in eJeeva’s Product Information Management (PIM) solution. It allowed the company to share accurate, up-to-date product content for print and web catalogs across the organization quickly and easily.

Using eJeeva’s catalog solutions, Sinop CB was able to reduce the time it took to update product content, develop marketing materials, share information across the organization, and free up valuable employee time for other projects.