Well over 50% of product-focused businesses take days (or longer) to send out sales quotes. In today’s time sensitive, customer-focused market, that’s clearly a major liability for success. Potential customers are shopping for the best deal around the clock and organizations that can quickly respond to their sales inquiries will win more business. This is why many leading manufacturers and distributors have implemented online product configuration and sales quotation software. By doing so, they have been able to reduce the delivery of sales quotes to just minutes. The online configurator not only reduces delivery times, but also develops a professional sales quote that: (1) reflects the company’s branding, (2), displays detailed product drawings and specifications, and (3) reduces common errors and inaccuracies associated with manual order processes. Most importantly, online sales quotation software frees up the time your sales team, contractors and product dealers spend processing orders. With built-in ecommerce functionality, end-users can create, edit and convert quotes to orders.