Mobile Commerce Features

Mobile Commerce

Centralized Data & Inventory Management

Use your P21 Item Categories, items, images and product links to drive the app, no need for any additional data management.

Use P21 for Item Maintenance and display items on the app using existing item flags.

Live inventory from P21 so customers can see and order items based on availability.

Unified Login & Account

B2B Seller customers can use the same login and password to access the app. Customers benefit from using the same account across all devices.

Customers can view open orders and search invoice history. Add items to cart or list from previous invoice.

Unified Shopping Cart & Shopping List

Users share the same shopping cart and shopping list across B2B Seller and mobile apps.

Users can build their cart or list from their desktop and continue to checkout on the app and vice versa.

Detailed Parts Drawings

Use P21 category images to save detailed parts drawings for multiple categories.

Display Parts drawing on the app with zoom-in functionality enabling your customers to find the right parts.

Rich Item Details & Pricing

Display item images using existing image structures used for B2B seller, there is no duplication of effort needed.

Show Product Brochures and attachments and allow users to share the attachments from the app.

Use P21 pricing libraries to drive the app, customers see the same pricing for items no matter where they login from.

Product Search & Quick Order

Search within all fields in the data from P21, allow users to "Add to Cart" or "Add to List" from search results.

Quick Order functionality allows customers to type in Item ID, Alternate Item Id or Customer Part No and quickly add to cart.

Barcode Scanning

Scan Product Barcodes and find items on the app, allowing customers to build an order without typing.

Barcode Scan can search across multiple fields such as Item Id, UPC Code or Supplier Part No

Multiple Platforms

Available across multiple platforms with support for latest version of iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Separate phone and tablet versions of app for best user experience.

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