HVAC Product Configurator Case Study


Sinop CB is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment and beverage tapping equipment. Sinop is based in Norway with offices in several countries such as Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and France. With different markets to serve and a wide array of products and components the company relied on manual orders for custom-made products.

The customer needed a web-based system for its customers based on various countries with a seamless interface for configuring custom Air Conditioning units and Heat Pumps. The system should be flexible enough to handle various currencies and pricing for different customer groups. Complete automation was required starting from setting up customer accounts till placing an order with the custom configuration.


Sinop CB, required a state of the art web-based product configuration system with the ability to handle various products and components and create custom configurations.

eJeeva proposed the implementation of its product Configurator software to meet Customer’s requirements. The web-based product configurator has options to set up different product lines and guides users through a step by step process in customizing their chosen models. Different pricing discounts are available to users based on their login.

The Product Configurator supports 6 languages and currencies, users can switch between these currencies at any time. The Product Configurator has a full administration module that allows the Company to control all the products and features of the Configurator.


Sinop has a fully functional web-based Product Configurator system with ability to place orders for users, they also have the ability to provide a custom user experience for the different countries that they sell their products to. Since the implementation of the new Product Configuration system much of the work is automated ensuring better accuracy in order processing and delivery.